Fair Pay Campaign: Working to end Unpaid Internships

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Internships should be…

We’re not anti-internship; we’re anti-unpaid internship. We know that a great internship can be life-changing for the intern, and hugely beneficial for the employer. Here’s what we think a great internship looks like:

1) Paid

All interns should be paid at least minimum wage, according to State, Federal and Local standards. That’s at least $7.25, but more in many places.

2) Educational

Interns can do more than making coffee and making copies. Internships should offer real opportunities for learning and professional development.

3) Advertised Openly

Internships shouldn’t just be for the boss’ nephew. Internships should be advertised and offered openly and transparently, just like any other job.


fight for fair pay
fight for fair pay

Here are just a few of our successful campaigns…

NYU Career Center

Working with students at New York University, we launched a petition calling on NYU’s Career Center to stop posting ads for illegal unpaid internships. We won! NYU made unprecedented changes to their internship policy, and increased the number of paid internship postings. Other colleges, including Columbia, have since followed suit.

Intern’s Bill of Rights

Unpaid Interns don’t receive protections against sexual harassment in the workplace, so we fought hard to pass an Intern’s Bill of Rights in the New York City Council. The bill was passed unanimously, and similar legislation is now on the table across the US.

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