We’re fighting to end unpaid internships. Opportunity should be about talent, not wealth. Internships send millions of people into debt just to get ahead, and millions more have their dreams denied because they can’t afford to work for free.

Stand with us, and let’s fight together to make work pay for everyone.

What We Want & Where We Stand

Pay Your Interns
All interns must be paid at least minimum wage, according to State, Federal and Local standards.
Educational Benefit
Interns can do more than make coffee and photocopy. Internships should offer real opportunities for learning and professional development.
Fair Hiring Practices
Internships shouldn’t just be for the boss’ nephew. Internships must be advertised and offered openly and transparently, just like a job.
Internships that don't pay anything at all 47.8%
Youth Unemployment Rate 18%
Interns that had to rely on help from their Parents 65%
Interns that had to take second jobs 62%
Internships Requiring Previous Experience 66%